CITAC’s African Oil Refining Report 2024

ublished annually, this 108-page report is essential reading for anyone interested in how Africa’s refining
industry has been affected by the unique challenges of the last three years, and what to expect from the
momentous changes coming over the next few years

Fuelling Africa’s Potential: Bridging the Gap in Energy Infrastructure

CITAC’s White Paper titled “Fuelling Africa’s Potential: Bridging the Gap in Energy Infrastructure” aims to highlight the key challenges associated with supplying fuels at scale into African markets. Rapid population and economic growth are driving demand for energy ever higher, while key infrastructure such as ports and roads is increasingly congested.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

This article investigates the path to NetZero for the Aviation industry highlighting the contribution various segments make to the total Aviation carbon footprint and reduction progress made to date.

CITAC Energy Transition in Africa Report

CITAC is pleased to announce the publication of its first Energy Transition Report.
This report tracks concrete progress and real changes that impact directly on end-consumers and businesses; it follows national, regional and global policy developments that materially influence business operations and consumer behaviours.

CITAC Energy Transition in Africa Service

Energy Transition – one of the most critical and complex challenges of our time – is having a  unique impact on the African energy sector. The fast-paced Energy Transition in Africa opens many opportunities for the continent with the lowest per-capita CO2 emissions, the largest carbon sink (the Congo Basin), and exciting technological leapfrogging potential.