CITAC Energy Transition in Africa Service

Energy Transition – one of the most critical and complex challenges of our time – is having a  unique impact on the African energy sector. The fast-paced Energy Transition in Africa opens many opportunities for the continent with the lowest per-capita CO2 emissions, the largest carbon sink (the Congo Basin), and exciting technological leapfrogging potential.

Energy Transition in the Southern African Mining Sector

This article analyses a sample of the largest mines by production output in the Southern African (SAF) region to understand energy transition initiatives being taken in this sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

CITAC’s Sub-Saharan Africa Oil Refining Report 2023

ublished annually, this 108-page report is essential reading for anyone interested in how Africa’s refining
industry has been affected by the unique challenges of the last three years, and what to expect from the
momentous changes coming over the next few years


The African energy transition trilemma, financing challenges and decarbonising the African downstream headline at ARDA WEEK 2023 in Cape Town

Africa’s Carbon Market Opportunity

The Paris Agreement leaves plenty of room for countries to take unilateral measures to reach their NDCs – their self-binding climate targets – but it also acknowledges the need for finance to flow to where it is needed to drive emissions lower

An Introduction to Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsetting

What are carbon offsets? What is the life cycle of a carbon offset? What are offset standards? Carbon offsets in compliance markets; the market for carbon credits; how are carbon credits priced? How and why companies measure carbon emissions – you will find answers to these questions and more in
CITAC’s latest Industry insight