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Our rigorous analysis, objective insight and practical knowledge of the African downstream energy market will enable you to:

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Through our expert training, in-depth market analysis, bespoke consulting and authoritative data, you will receive all the intelligence you need to succeed.

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Market Reports

Market Reports

Keep one step ahead with all the latest developments in the African downstream energy market by subscribing to our in-depth publications and reports. They are an unrivalled source of comprehensive, forward looking information and analysis that you can trust



Whether you are a global or African player, benefit from our range of specialist courses, workshops and bespoke training that will equip you with the practical knowledge, skills and competencies you need to succeed in your African downstream energy market activities.



Let us help you develop your energy business in Africa by undertaking a tailor-made consultancy project for you. Our specialist market knowledge, coupled with our rigorous analysis will equip you with practical solutions, enabling you to make superior business decisions.

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Bespoke Training

Are you looking for a particular type of training that’s not on our schedule?

We can collaborate with you to create a unique programme that contains all the answers to your questions about operating successfully in the African downstream energy market. Our highly experienced trainers are able to create theoretical, practical and interactive training courses to build your team’s capacity. Our wide-ranging expertise covers Africa and global trading, operations, […]

Training Schedule

African oil product supply chains: How to increase profitability through the application of best-in-class practises (September 2024)

16th-19th September 2024 Intense competition and razor thin margins put supply chain efficiency at the core of a profitable supply and distribution business. CITAC’s course ‘Solving Oil Product Supply Chain Challenges’ introduces analytical methods for identifying areas for improvement as well as covering industry best practise. During this 4 day course, participants cover topics such […]

Accra, Ghana
Training Schedule

Oil Product Trading & Operations (November 2024)

This training course gives an insight into the crude oil and products trading markets and, the operations and control of supply contracts, including shipping.

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Training Schedule

Evaluation of Investments in Clean Cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa (November 2024)

18th-21st November 2024 This three day course (in french) will cover and discuss the following topics:

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire