Fuelling Africa’s Potential: Bridging the Gap in Energy Infrastructure

CITAC’s White Paper titled “Fuelling Africa’s Potential: Bridging the Gap in Energy Infrastructure” aims to highlight the key challenges associated with supplying fuels at scale into African markets. Rapid population and economic growth are driving demand for energy ever higher, while key infrastructure such as ports and roads is increasingly congested.

CITAC’s African Oil Refining Report 2024

Published annually, this 104-page report is essential reading for anyone interested in how Africa’s refining industry is recovering from the many challenges of the last few years and how major new refining projects such as the new Dangote refinery are radically changing the outlook for the refining sector and the trading environment within the region and beyond.

Market Reports

Explore up-to-the minute trends and stay informed about Africa’s dynamic downstream energy market

CITAC Annual Review of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Downstream Oil Sector 2024

CITAC’s Annual Review of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Downstream Oil Sector 2024 addresses the key trends in the industry: Rapid LPG demand growth, shifting fuel oil supply & demand dynamics, clean product trading flows, the impact of new refining projects, regulation changes as well as detailed expert analysis of future trends.

CITAC African Downstream Country Overviews

CITAC’s Country Overviews are your first choice when you want up-to-date and detailed knowledge of the entire downstream sector in any given African country.

You have access to the most accurate, extensive and up-to-date data on Africa’s petroleum sector.

Bespoke Training Courses: In-house or Online

Comprehensive training courses for your African downstream energy activities.

Energy Transition in Africa Service

Energy transition is gathering pace globally. CITAC is excited to expand its service offering with its Energy Transition in Africa Service, providing insight through reports, deep-dive analysis, training and more to help our clients navigate the energy transition movement in Africa.

CITAC training courses

CITAC Training Programme 2024 is available

16-19 September 2024
African oil product supply chains: How to increase profitability through the application of best-in-class practises in Accra, Ghana

15-17 October 2024
African Oil Market Fundamentals, Abuja, Nigeria

4-8 November 2024
Oil Product Trading and Operations in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

18-21 November 2024
Evaluation of Investments in Clean Cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

4-6 February 2025
Carbon credit projects in Sub-Saharan Africa: identification, evaluation, and implementation, Lomé, Togo

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