Consulting services

Identify strategic opportunities in the African downstream energy market. Our market-leading consultancy includes market research, forecasting, strategic analysis, objective advice and vital help with implementation.

Choose from retainer services or consulting on a project by project basis to position your business for success.

An Introduction to Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsetting

What are carbon offsets? What is the life cycle of a carbon offset? What are offset standards? Carbon offsets in compliance markets; the market for carbon credits; how are carbon credits priced?

Market Reports

Explore up-to-the minute trends and stay informed about Africa’s dynamic downstream energy market

CITAC African Downstream Workshops, a key element of ARDA WEEK

CITAC African Downstream Workshops 2023 will be held in Cape Town on 16 & 17 March 2023

CITAC African Downstream Country Overviews

CITAC’s Country Overviews are your first choice when you want up-to-date and detailed knowledge of the entire downstream sector in any given African country.

You have access to the most accurate, extensive and up-to-date data on Africa’s petroleum sector.

Bespoke Training Courses: In-house or Online

Comprehensive training courses for your African downstream energy activities.

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CITAC training courses

CITAC Training Programme 2023 is available 

7-9 February 2023
Assessing Downstream Assets Investments in Lomé, Togo

6-8 June 2023
Understanding and Adapting Price Structures, Brazzaville, Congo

23-27 October 2023
Solving Oil Product Supply Chain Challenges in Cape Town, South Africa

30 October – 1 November 2023
Understanding and Adapting Price Structures in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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