An Introduction to Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsetting

What are carbon offsets? What is the life cycle of a carbon offset? What are offset standards? Carbon offsets in compliance markets; the market for carbon credits; how are carbon credits priced? How and why companies measure carbon emissions – you will find answers to these questions and more in
CITAC’s latest Industry insight

CITAC African Downstream Workshops, a key element of ARDA WEEK

CITAC African Downstream Workshops 2023 will be held in Cape Town on 16 & 17 March 2023. You will learn about refining, distribution, marketing and financing developments in the African downstream energy sector and will share experiences with pan-African and international companies.

CITAC Training Programme 2023

Are you looking to broaden understanding of the African downstream market, improve your performance and reduce your risks?

CITAC South Africa Bunker Market Outlook

CITAC Africa has published a concise South Africa Bunker Market Outlook report that covers the main bunker ports and grades, the bunker mix, market dynamics and a detailed port-by-port competition analysis.

CITAC’s Sub-Saharan Africa Oil Refining Report 2022

Published on a yearly basis, this 105-page report is a must-read for anyone interested in how Africa’s refining industry has been affected by the unique challenges of the last two years and where it is headed over the next decade.